The Bioconductor teaching committee was established in early 2020, and one of its aims is to coordinate the development of Bioconductor-focused training material, consistent with the guiding principles of the Carpentries ( During its first year, the committee has started the development of three lessons: an introduction to R (with a Bioconductor focus), an overview of the Bioconductor project, and a lesson on bulk RNA-seq analysis with Bioconductor. In this workshop, we would like to raise awareness of the existing lessons within the Bioconductor community, and invite contributions from interested community members. We will start by giving an overview of the Carpentries guiding principles and the procedures for proposing and developing a Bioconductor lesson. After that, we will invite participants to actively engage with and contribute to the existing material, as well as form new working groups for development of additional lessons.